I was introduced in 1987 to the A .L. William's organization by CEO Art WILLIAMS (left picture) and NSD (National Sales Director) Hubert Humphrey, the two best "Mentors" in the Industry.  I started as an Independent Contractor and was promoted Regional Vice President (RVP) in only three months.   Art used to be a high school football coach and Hubert a merchandise train-conductor.  Neither had prior sales experience but they both had the ardent desire to "Make the difference".  Hubert told me he always wanted to be somebody, owning his business and Art started his crusade against the Insurance Industry. They revealed to me the "Three Secret Ingredients" to success was 1-a Unique Product, 2- Exclusive 3-Trustworthy Marketing) 


Network Marketing  Strategy

Thomas(Tomi) Delor, CEO-Inventor
CNAM (Paris, France)

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My Three  Secret Ingredients for Success.
   1-  Unique Product (EcoTraineR)
   2-  Exclusive Market (USA)
   3- Trustworthy Marketing(Inertia)

Network Marketing

Inspired by yesterday's MLM, "Viral Marketing Social is the practice of expanding a new idea (i.e., the EcoTraineR) by making internet connections using Social Networking with individuals and educating them through direct contacts or media sites such as Linkedin, Facebook, etc.

Based on the idea that any two people on the planet could make contact through a chain of no more than five intermediaries, Social Networking establishes interconnected online communities that help people make contacts that would be good for them to know, but that they would be unlikely to have met otherwise.

Depending on the social media platform, members may be able to contact any other member. In other cases, members can contact anyone they have a connection to, and subsequently anyone that contact has a connection to, and so on. Some services require members to have a preexisting connection to contact other members.

While Social Networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Web to facilitate such connections has led to an exponential and ongoing expansion of that phenomenon. In addition to social media platforms, the capacity for social interaction and collaboration is increasingly built into business applications

Network Marketing is not MLM

MLM companies sell products that are also sold on the Internet or stores and often at a lower price.  They have to buy the products each month in order to maintain their status. It's why they have the reputation of being a "pyramid scheme".

The "Practice of Deceit" of the Life Insurance & Automobile Industry

For almost a century, the insurance industry taught their sales peoples to sell whole life insurance instead of term insurance to protect the survivors in case of death of the insured.  While the insurance companies get richer, the policyholder's benefit shrunk in case of the demise of the policy holder.
Similarly, the car manufacturers are deceiving the drivers to make them believe that their vehicles were built to use the minimum fuel and that the position of a needle or green light connected to the carburetor's vacuum line does indicate the vehicle's inertia allowing the drivers to change their driving behavior.
Nothing is further from the truth: A whole life insurance is not protecting the survivors like a Term Insurance would, and a needle or a green light do not indicate the vehicle's inertia as they are not activated by an instrument indicating the inertial mass of the moving vehicle's, beside  our Patented EcoTraineR (Patent title: Inertia Mass Detection Device).

"Our Crusade."
Because we have to fight preconceived myths to convince the drivers (254,000,000 registered vehicles in the USA) to disregard the untrue information provided by the car manufacturers and start to learn to truly eco-driving, THIS IS A CRUSADE.

No-Risk 30 day free trial
Once people try and follow the indications of the EcoTraineR they will eco-drive and realize how easy it becomes when seeing THE VEHICLE'S INERTIA -as it happens.

Our Network Marketing Strategy
After struggling four (4) years, I came to the conclusion to get back to the A.L. WILLIAMS type Crusade spirit  by helping peoples using the EcoTraineR and applying  the basics marketing strategy I learned and practiced. This marketing plan made a lot of  A.L. WILLIAMS agents financially independents.

Giving back to the sales force
Instead of spending millions of dollars in advertising and ten years to brand the EcoTraineR, I elected to give back to the sales force the money that I would have to spend to launch my invention. I discovered that teaching others to Eco Drive using the EcoTraineR "on the job" was the fastest way to upgrade any of the 254,000,000 registered vehicles in America.  Now that you used and understand the EcoTraineR and know how to teach others, the EcoTraineR  is destined to equip millions of vehicles in the USA and worldwide under our American leadership. Green Technology Innovations ("GTI") is destined to become an International Company to help our planet by using the Renewable Universal Inertia Energy instead of fossil fuel or other non-renewable type of energy.  We are only at the beginning of the Universal Inertia Energy utilization on earth.

Our Network Strategy Marketing Principle: "I teach  you so you can teach others"
Everyone must start by using to fully understand the EcoTraineR,  learn how to install it, learn how to calibrate it and use it to its optimum potential.  If you own an EcoTraineR, you can honestly say that "You paid the EcoTraineR with the savings generated.."  This way, you will create your own true testimonial that no one can challenge, and you will use your experience to convince others to try it as well (i.e.,"if I can do it, so can you").  Most of the people trying the EcoTraineR will succeed while a few will not because of lack of motivation, improper installation, improper calibration, or lack of coaching. The most important is to have enough people trying it.  This will "prime the pump" and thousand of others will join you.   Because any invention request to make an effort by breaking the acquired habits, you will meet some people who will try to discourage you by criticizing the EcoTraineR, but because you thoroughly studied it or experienced it yourself, you will not be affected by any of their negative comments.  Those are the same pessimistic individuals (called the "detractors") who are against everything new and always criticize a new invention (alike Edison was the detractor of Nicola Tesla. Google "The story of Nicola Tesla".
Your knowledge and daily experiences will make you a professional in this field and more than likely financially independent.  The most important is convincing people to try it and install the EcoTraineR in their vehicle to be able to coach them to react correctly to the lights.

Fast-Track to EVP:

You can promote YOURSELF automatically as follows:

Once you and Distributors sold  25 EcoTraineR you will be nominated a Regional Vice President (RVP).

Once you and Distributors sold 125 EcoTraineR you will be nominated a National Sales Director (NSD).

Once you and Distributors sold 625 EcoTraineR you will be nominated an Executive Vice President (EVP):  

                                            This projection shows how you can  grow

Selling to fleet managers of individuals, accelerate your promotion and increase your earnings

                                        Personal Sales: 5 X 250.00=$1,250.00 COMMISSION

Level 1:     25 sales of EcoTraineR by Distributors          25 X  $25.00 =     $625,00 OVERRIDE
Level 2:   125 sales of  EcoTraineR by Distributors:       125 X  $20.00 =  $2,500,00 OVERRIDE
Level 3:   625 Sales of EcoTraineR  by Distributors:       625 X  $10.00=  $6,250,00 OVERRIDE

Level 4: 3,125 sales of EcoTraineR by Distributors :   3,125  X   $5.00= $15,625.00 OVERRIDE 

                           EVP  MONTHLY potential is $26,500.00.