November 30, 2017  Dear Thomas, ...Thank you again for sharing your views. As President, I am committed to unleashing  America's economic potential, while also protecting the environment. I am confident that  together we can preserve America's natural blessings for future generations."


I earned my promotion to RVP with the A.L. WILLIAMS organization in 3 months. Art (on left in 1988) explained me  that his success was due for helping peoples to buy "Term insurance and invest the difference". I learned from Hubert Humphries how to select only Crusaders to do the Crusade. Both became billionaires. My invention is helping millions of drivers on a 240,000,000 US market (2 billion world wide). Allowing you to extend your business outside the USA.  Art and Hubert became billionairs with A.L. W illimas.

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Using the Universal Force of INERTIA is potentially huge
(and it's free)


  • Instant Eco-driving
  • Instant Hypermiling
  • Improve road safety
  • Enhance driving skills  
  • Environmental 
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2)
  • Fewer local air pollutants
  • Noise reduction


Save fuel and money 

Lower vehicle maintenance  

Pays for itself at the pump

No out-of-pocket money

Expand life expectancy of:

Your tires

Your brake pads

Your engine


  • More responsible driving

  • Less stress while driving

  • Higher comfort for passengers

"I am confident that together we can  preserve America's natural blessings for future generations".

Donald J. Trump
November 2017

Thomas(Tomi) Delor, CEO and Inventor
Retired CNAM Engineer
(Paris, France)

"Don't ask what our Country can do for you, ask what you can do for our Country"
John F. Kennedy
January 2005

Introduction to NMS
Network Marketing Solution (NMS) IS NOT MLM (Multi Level Marketing). There is no monthly fee, monthly membership fee, something to buy each month, no inventory to maintain, and you will not be paid for recruiting someone It is the practice of networking to expand a new product  such as the EcoTraineR by making internet  connections using the internet with individuals and educating them through direct contacts using media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Youtube, etc
Depending on the social media platform, members may be able to contact any other member. In other cases, members can contact anyone they have a connection to, and subsequently anyone that contact has a connection to, and so on. Some services require members to have a preexisting connection to contact other members. While networking has gone on almost as long as societies themselves have existed, the unparalleled potential of the Web to facilitate such connections has led to an exponential and ongoing expansion of that phenomenon. In addition to social media platforms, the capacity for social interaction and collaboration is increasingly built into business applications. Based on the idea that any two people on the planet could make contact through a chain of no more than five intermediaries, social networking solution establishes interconnected online communities that help people make contacts that would be good for them to know, but that they would be unlikely to have met otherwise. Social Network Marketing Solution is the practice of expanding a new idea.

Our Plan of Action
Start by trying the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS
TM free of charge to learn how to install it, calibrate it and use it to save fuel and other important benefits.  If you start this way, you will be able to say that "You tried it before working for the company" creating your own  testimonial that no one can challenge. You will use your own  experience to educate and help others  (if I can do it so can you).  Most of people will succeed while a few will not  because of medical handicap, lack of motivation, improper installation, calibration or inefficient managing. The most  important is to have people trying it and the ones motivated always succeed.

The Magic of "Base Five"
It is recommended to start slowly (i.e., part-time) by selecting five persons that you trust to be ambitious and decided to build their own Network.  Share your experience with these fives "direct to you" and motivate them to do the same.  Your "fives" may grow your network by 25, 125, 625, 31125. That's all you have to do for the magic to happen and it will be maybe the time to quit your daytime job and work full-time living on the overrides starting to flow to your bank account.

Expand The Crusade To Reduce Our Planet's Pollution
By convincing others to join the crusade you will deliver JFK’s vision  who stated during his Presidential inauguration:"Don’t ask what our Country can do for you, ask what you can do for your Country.”
Making an effort to eco-drive does not take a lot of sacrifices, to the contrary:  Not only you will save fuel at the pump forever but will benefit from all the advantages and you will change others people’s life. You will become an American example with high principles and a crusading spirit. By believing in your own experience that you already demonstrated to believe in your cause to save our planet from pollution.  By seeing your own dedication, your people will duplicate your attitude and be proud to see themselves as not just doing "another job” but as a primordial link of an American Crusade for our planet’s clean campaign. The truth is that you can wait for the car manufacturers to comply with all the administrative regulations to reduce CO2 emission or you can take your destiny in your own hands right now by reducing your vehicle's CO2 pollution overnight.  One gallon of fuel is the equivalent of 28 grams of CO2 released in the atmosphere.  You as an individual have the power to build an organization of thousands of crusaders. For every two hundred thousand of  Americans (less than 1% of the 254,000,000 registered vehicles) practicing eco-driving, it would be equal to traveling billion of miles with zero emission representing tons of CO2 free miles for every man, woman, and child in the U.S.A. each year. 
As a leader of your Distributors (MPG PLUS
TM Social Network), you are the example to pass-on to your people your principles and you must be committed to help them to do the same

Our Future is Bright
If you used the EcoTraineR and saved fuel, you know how it works and how to eco drive. Your knowledge and hard work can make you financially independent in this new revolutionary market.  Your very next step is to let someone else try it and coach him/her to help them to succeed and they will in turn save fuel and find another person to try it who will do the same and now you will start to build your distribution and be paid overrides.  People you selected to try the EcoTtraineR MPG PLUS will select others and your business will grow. The  EcoTraineR MPG PLUS is not sold in stores or the Internet. We will have zero competition for the next ten years.long giving us a comfortable head-start.  When our patent becomes public you will more than likely be at the head in the USA..  People ask me what will happen if  we upgrade all of the 254,000,000 vehicles?  My response is simple: If we can replace the entire US fleet in ten years,  you will become another millionaire and stop to worry about your financial future. Be assured that upgrading our exclusive market is big enough to last several lifetimes.

Our SNM Strategy is Optional, not Mandatory
Helping peoples to upgrade their vehicle by applying  the basic Social Network Marketing described above is very rewarding. But if you are not comfortable to use it you don't have to. Just build you career using your own marketing strategy by selling to fleet manager at wholesale price with 10% commission which can be very high if you sell to large fleet or repeated sales (i.e, car dealers upseling the EcoTraineR to new customers; after-market resellers stores alike Auto Nations,Pep-Boys, etc.). You can also sell a license to a car manufacturers and get royalties. The sky is the limit for our market. 

Giving Back to the Sales Force
If you selected to be also on the the NMS program, instead I spend millions of dollars in advertising and ten years to brand the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS, I elected to give back to the sales force the money that I would spend to launch my invention. I discovered that teaching others to Eco drive with the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS  "on the job"  was the fastest way to upgrade any of the 240,000,000 registered vehicles in America.  If you used the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS you know how to coach others and build your own business. The EcoTraineR MPG PLUS  is destined to upgrade millions of vehicles in the USA and worldwide under American leadership. Green Technology Innovations ("GTI") is destined to become an International Company to help our planet by using the Universal Inertia free Energy instead of fossil fuel or other non-renewable type of energy.  We are only at the beginning to use the inertia for our vehicles while it is  used for more than 50 years by the NASA allowing the space program).

Our SNM Principle: We will be coaching you to coach others to build your Network of Distributors
Most of the people using the EcoTraineR MPG PLUS will succeed while a few will not simply because of a  lack of a medical condition i.e., autism, lack of motivation, improper installation, improper calibration, or lack of coaching. The most important is to have enough people trying it to "prime the pump" and thousand of others will join our crusade. Your knowledge and daily experience will make you a professional in this field and more than likely financially independent. 

Sales Experience Is a "Plus" but Not a Necessity
Our business is a simple, legitimate International Direct Sales opportunity that allows normal people without entrepreneurial or sales experience to better ourselves financially by helping others realize their financial freedom.  You will not need to learn and use sales techniques, just common sense and basic scientific knowledge to coach someone how to upgrade his/her vehicle to a more efficient one in seconds based on your own experience for having used it with your own vehicle. Inertia is an invisible Universal unalterable force discovered by Isaac Newton in the 17th Century and I invented the way to "make inertia visible" so that any driver of any moving vehicle can manage instantly the best fuel consumption by acting on the gas pedal.

Potential Fast-Track to Executive VP:

When you join GTI part or full-time you will become an Apprentice(ARVP) coached by your sponsor;

Once you and your Distributors have upgraded*  25 vehicles, you will be promoted  to Regional Vice President (RVP);

Once you and your Distributors have upgraded* 125 vehicles you will be promoted toNational Sales Director (NSD);

Once you and your Distributors have upgraded* 625 vehicles you will be promoted to Executive Vice President (EVP).


  • Personal Sale*..................................................................:      1 X    $250.00  =    $250.00 COMMISSION$2


    As an RVP, you get paid:

  • Level 1:     25 upgraded* vehicles by Distributors=   25 X  $50.00 $1,250,00 OVERRIDE       Level 2:   125 upgraded* vehicles by Distributors= 125 X  $25.00$3,125,00 OVERRIDE

  • As an NSD you get paid overrides on level 1 to level 3
    Level 3: 625 upgraded* vehicles by Distributors=   625 X  $20.00 =
    $12,500,00 OVERRIDE

  • As an EVP you get overrides on level 1 to level 4 of your network.
    As an exampleif "base 5" would generate 3,125 upgraded* vehicles in your Distributors' network you would be paid                                 3,125 X $10.00
    $31,250.00 OVERRIDE.
    Total for BASE 5.................................
    ..............................................  $48,125.00

  •                                                                                        * At the Retail price of 599.99.

      An Executive Vice President's POTENTIAL MONTHLY EARNINGS is $48,125.00                       
                                   PLUS CORPORATE STOCK OPTIONS